Mayo Clinic Health Assessment: Questionnaire Components

The Mayo Clinic Health Assessment is a health risk appraisal that surveys 11 key health risk factors found to have the most impact on health. Designed specifically to measure risk levels in employee or member groups, the Mayo Clinic Health Assessment is a foundational element for any risk reduction efforts.

In selecting the medical and lifestyle risk indicators incorporated into the Health Assessment, we have applied the Pareto principle, identifying the “20 percent of indicators that are likely to affect 80 percent” of the causes of premature death. Over the years, medical research has accumulated considerable evidence that links a core set of medical and lifestyle indicators to increased risk of a variety of health problems.

The Mayo Clinic Health Assessment focuses on seven critical lifestyle areas in which individuals have great potential to reduce risk of future health problems, as well as key medical indicators most linked to increased health risk.

Utilizing branching logic, this user-friendly survey includes between 50 and 70 questions depending upon age, gender and risk factors, and takes as little as 15 minutes to complete. Survey questions collect information on both risk and readiness to change addressing:

  • Health perceptions
  • Medical conditions
  • Medications
  • Family history
  • Medical risk factors
  • Lifestyle risk factors
  • Readiness to change