Empower your people to take ownership and be accountable for their health with multifaceted touchpoints, goal setting, assessments, feedback loop and flexible incentives.

Managers Can Finally Stop Asking, is Our Wellness Program Working?

With on-demand analytic reports on key performance indicators, the question now becomes, How far can we go?

More than inspiration, ManageWell drives change.  Wellvation can prove it.

• Offer multiple participation points and varied activities to meet diverse levels of readiness

• Use gamification to inspire new levels of readiness

ManageWell Delivers High-Impact Wellness Programming

• Promote and communicate a common culture of purpose and health by incorporating company

brand elements

• Offer an online Health Assessment using a validated question set and scoring algorithm

developed by Mayo Clinic to establish baselines, and identify priority action items.

• Connect wearable devices for seamless data collection and instant analytics capturing

change over time.

• Motivate employees along their own personal continuum of behavior change with the

latest resources, challenges, and tools.

• Segment and target personalized reward requirements to motivate diverse and global workforces

using the industry’s most flexible wellness incentive management system.

ManageWell delivers more than inspiration – it drives change.