Participant Portal

Your Program Presented the Way You Want It

Customizable, personalized, and portable. Your all-in-one wellness resource that’s readily accessible via mobile app or computer with support for Single Sign-On (SSO). A library of ready-to-use programs and challenges are ready to supplement your programs that can be offered for individual, peer-to-peer, or team challenges. Wellvation continually updates ManageWell so your program stays innovative and relevant.

With the ability to personalize each intervention strategy based on your organization’s priorities, participants receive health and programming information relevant to their individual needs. Administrators can customize the participant portal visuals and language to reinforce the organization’s distinct brand and culture of health.

With the Participant Portal, your population will:

Take the Health Assessment

ManageWell’s integrated health assessment uses a validated question set and scoring algorithm developed by Mayo Clinic. A powerful step in motivating behavior change is to establish a data baseline that identifies current health risks that helps participants know exactly where they stand with prioritized action steps.  Secure and confidential, the health assessment takes only minutes to capture biometric values, lifestyle risks, medical history, confidence, motivation and demographics.  You can also add your own custom questions.

Set and Track Goals

Participants can set goals based on their Health Assessment results.

Participants will have access to world-class health information from experts at Mayo Clinic specifically targeted to their personal health needs. No digging for key information. No burn out or fatigue.

Enroll and schedule activities, programs and challenges.

Participants can choose events or challenges that work for their schedules, personalities, and health goals.

Wearable Device Integration

Whether its a Fibit, Garmin, Nokia, Apple Watch or others, participants can wirelessly connect step trackers to ManageWell and automatically sync each day’s totals.

Track Progress Towards Incentives

Participants will know what they need to do to earn incentives. Participants can view eligibility criteria, program requirements, enroll, track, and receive payouts.

Complete Feedback Surveys or Quizzes

No longer do wellness coordinators have to wait for campaign results to assess success. ManageWell’s built-in participant survey and quiz engine include an automatic and customizable alert system to gain real time motivational and pain point insights on what is happening today. Know what is working and your opportunities for programing improvement when you still can effect change.