Coaches Portal

ManageWell’s Coaching portal is designed for organizations that offer their own health coaching or use third party coaching services.
Whether coaching is offered in person, telephonically, or online, the coaches’ portal is configurable to reflect your organization’s care delivery approach.

Coaches have robust management capabilities to make efficient use of their time, freeing them to motivate, and empower participants to overcome obstacles and make real health improvements.

ManageWell’s customizable coaching portal features:

• Scheduling
• Caseload management and assignment
• Care Plan creation and assignment
• Progress tracking
• Incentive status
• Integrated member messaging
• Data reporting
• Population segmentation
At every step, participants are ensured of a private secured experience that gives them the confidence and flexibility they need to fully engage.

Coaches can optimize workflow with several customizable administrative features including:

• Assign coaches to groups based on age, gender, risk factors, and chronic conditions
• View member profiles including their biometrics and health assessment responses
• Schedule sessions
• Assign goals and track participants progress
• Communicate
• Incentivize participation and progress
Configuration options support incentive-based coaching through automatic award of incentive points
for attending a coaching session, completing a series of coaching sessions, or attaining goals.