ManageWell’s highly configurable Administration Portal simplifies every aspect of planning, promoting, and tracking your wellness program. By streamlining day-to-day tasks, program managers are free to focus on what’s really important: building relationships with employees and motivating towards health improvements. Up-front analytics give managers instant feedback to continuously assess program success and empower real-time program improvement decisions. Within the Administration Portal, program managers:

Track Participants

ManageWell’s Participant Manager is an easy to use utility that lets you define and automate eligibility file uploads and transfers, edit records, grants access permission, and manage day-to-day tasks.

Incentives: Simply the Most Comprehensive, Personalized Reward Program with Automated Fulfillment

No two people are alike. When it comes to driving real behavior change, targeted, and personalized incentives are highly motivational.

With the most robust and flexible technical capabilities in the industry, ManageWell operationalizes and simplifies the administration of the world’s most diverse, complex, and detailed reward strategies.

• Administrate multiple concurrent incentive strategies for different population groups

• domestic vs foreign-based employees

• union vs non-union

• salary vs hourly

• Match any and every combination of incentives to organization and participant goals, event participation, required, optional, or conditional-based requirements, biometric outcomes and/or progressive health improvements.

• Communicate and track every participant’s progress toward individualized rewards and automate time or event-specific incentive payouts.

As workforces increasingly diversify and globalize, ManageWell ensures that wellness participants become and stay motivated.

Streamline Simultaneous Event Schedules, Promotions, and Sign Ups

ManageWell’s Activity Manager automates tracking, scheduling, registration, and communications of simultaneous events and challenges. Dashboards track participation and customized data points, while an easy-to-set-up task utility ensures that nothing is forgotten or unforeseen.

Distribute Segmented, Customized Communications Using Powerful Toolkits and Filters

Never lose a participant due to irrelevant, generic communications again. ManageWell’s Communication Platform gives you full control of messages and delivery to engage segmented participants at the right time with the right information.

Generate Real-Time Reports on any Data Point

ManageWell’s analytics takes the guess work out of program improvement decisions with a robust data reporting engine that clearly lets you know where you are moving the needle, who needs a nudge, and how to engage more workforce segments. Participation rates, health trends and risk status, employee satisfaction, organization support, and productivity are just a few ways ManageWell helps you objectively define the value of your wellness investment.