Frequently Asked Quesions

How is Wellvation any different than other wellness programs?

Traditional strategies often involve simply telling a group of people that they need to change. That not only sets individual participants up for failure– it also builds resistance to future change.

Wellvation meets participants wherever they are in their healthcare journey to develop personalized goals. This builds a person’s intrinsic motivation rather than simply “following a program.” Participants combine this motivation with personally-developed skill development through our ManageWell platform, and results inherently follow.

We have employees at all different fitness levels. How do we know if Wellvation will fit each of their needs?

Whether your organization has 2,000 participants or 20,000, Wellvation’s Health Assessment meets each employee where they are on the Readiness to Change continuum. 

No judgment. No pressure. Just data and knowledge that supports their personal journey.

How will our organization know if Wellvation is working?

We understand that your organization is unique, and we are here to help you meet your goals.

More than inspiration, ManageWell drives change, and we can prove it. We offer multiple participation points and varied activities to meet diverse levels of readiness. We also use gamification to inspire engagement.

With realtime, on-demand analytic reports on key performance indicators, the question now shifts from “Is this working?” to “How far can we go?”

How will participants know if the programming is actually working?

ManageWell tracks progress, provides insights to help individuals overcome their personal barriers-to-change, and measures progression toward change.

Beyond quantitative measurement, healthy changes and health journey progress are the best indicator!

What are some examples of fun challenges to encourage a culture of health in our organization?

Mini Challenges
Burn Calories
Commercial Break Challenge
Fruit & Veggie Challenge
Eat More FishNutrition
Why Sleep Matters
Sleep As A Status Symbol
Grateful Challenge
Four A’s Challenge