Complex tasks. Simple execution.


Administration Portal

Wellvation collaboratively designs ManageWell’s Administration Portal to simplify the complexities that come with delivering personalized wellness programming.

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Workflow and analytics are intelligently automated to:

  • Match programming to each employee’s confidence and risks.
  • Know what works and where to improve.
  • Continually updated to stay innovative and relevant.

Admin Resources

Simplify administration while personalizing experiences

Complex tasks made simple.

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Segment participant groups

Segment participant groups

From couch potatoes to triathletes, meet participants wherever they are and help them get to the next level using Mayo Clinic resources.

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Communicate with participants

Communicate with participants

Never lose a participant due to irrelevant, generic communications again.

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Leverage insurance claims data

Leverage insurance claims data

Define and automate eligibility file uploads and transfers, edit records, and manage day-to-day tasks.

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Manage any incentive strategy

Manage any incentive strategy

Match any and every combination of incentives to your organization and participants’ goals.

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Optimize programming with AI

Optimize programming with AI

Artificial intelligence technology continuously adapts to increase personalization, automate execution, and accelerate impacts.

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Real-time, on-demand reporting

Real-time, on-demand reporting

Visualize program impacts, opportunities, and value propositions for your organization’s participants.

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Having the right goals is important, but those goals aren’t going to do you any good without a plan in place to achieve them.

-Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Living

Wellvation meets the needs of consumers by providing them with trusted health information by Mayo Clinic and engagement with wellness tools and resources, utilizing a systematic approach that leads to sustainable improvements in their health.

Sandhya Pruthi, M.D.
Medical Director, Health Education & Content Services, Mayo Clinic

Personalization is extremely important because everyone has different goals and challenges. What works for one person may not work for another. Personalizing your plan so that it’s truly yours makes it much more likely that you’ll be successful.

-Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Living

Imagine the possibilities.

If you’re ready for seamless well-being programming that fulfills the vision you have for your organization’s health, then let’s talk.