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Wellness for your organization Based on over a decade of Mayo Clinic collaboration

Wellvation will never suggest a “one size fits all” solution for your organization. We begin by listening to your wants and needs, then we build your program. That way, your employees can get the most out of their personal wellness journeys, while your organization meets its specific goals and standards.



Human-centered well-being experience

Your program. Your way.

Data illuminates opportunities to motivate real, lasting change. It’s decades of the world’s most trusted science leveraged to create personalized, human-centered well-being experiences.

Personalized Wellbeing Drives Engagement
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Grow from participation to engagement

True motivation comes from within.

Wellvation uses our MyHealth Assessment to meet each participant wherever they are in their health journey. When someone has a personalized, attainable, clear path forward, they are intrinsically motivated to not only commit to wellness, but to make it a way of life.

A Better Way to Wellbeing

Culture of Health

Elevate community through workplace wellness

Showcase your organization’s values.

Wellvation prioritizes the power of personalization and engagement. Focusing on these elements creates empowerment and community. When your workforce is empowered to be their very best and to work together to reach the next level, that is a Culture of Health.

Wellbeing impacts that transcend workplaces

ManageWell: Science that inspires lasting change.

Wellvation’s capabilities are close to limitless as a central force for emerging health information technology and data-driven innovation— and it’s all at your fingertips.

  • Relevant programming
  • Trustworthy health initiatives
  • Engaging personalization
  • Workflow automations
  • Employer customization
  • On-demand analytics

Having the right goals is important, but those goals aren’t going to do you any good without a plan in place to achieve them.

-Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Living

Wellvation meets the needs of consumers by providing them with trusted health information by Mayo Clinic and engagement with wellness tools and resources, utilizing a systematic approach that leads to sustainable improvements in their health.

Sandhya Pruthi, M.D.
Medical Director, Health Education & Content Services, Mayo Clinic

Personalization is extremely important because everyone has different goals and challenges. What works for one person may not work for another. Personalizing your plan so that it’s truly yours makes it much more likely that you’ll be successful.

-Mayo Clinic Guide to Healthy Living

Transform your organization’s culture through wellness

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Connection is a significant element of intrinsic motivation. ManageWell™ social connections increase participation rates, inclusion, and employee engagement.

Resources for inspiring a
Culture of Health

True wellness is a journey that builds whole-self health improvements. By
developing intrinsic motivations, Wellvation cultivates an innate sense of
ownership that leaves no one in your organization behind.
Insurance Claims Data Integration Drive Preventative Care

A Wellvation client, a large regional healthcare system had historically had low employee utilization of preventative care services in their employers sponsored health benefits.

Enable Great Leadership

Leadership determines the strength of workforce health cultures. This is why Wellvation focuses on giving leaders both the business intelligence and tools to increase their influence.

ManageWell’s Analytics PlatformAnswers Wellness Questions

Are we providing the right resources? Is employee health improving? What’s the impact to the organization?